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Why the SMT Studies Center ?

The region is undergoing major political, economic and development transformations, making the establishment of a studies and research center a great necessity, as the comprehensive renaissance of the countries is being addressed by the firm strategies that serve as a base so that their integrated plans can reach all aspects of development in all political, economic and intellectual and media sectors.  These strategies are extended as a separate connected network, taking all the data into account, in an integrated approach that monitors the scene with its generality and specificity at the same time, and since the building of strategies is a key on which the evolution is built, regardless of its field or direction, all of this double the importance of establishing a center for studies and research.

The “SMT Studies Center” is informed of the global political issue and combines it with its deep follow-up on internal matter, this is reflected in the sobriety of the studies and statistics that have been shared by the stakeholders and the others issued periodically.

SMT builds its studies on carefully studied statistics, to be a constant material from which all decisions and moves, internal and external, are launched, including internal development projects that ensures its success based on deep and thorough studies.

The “SMT Studies Center” forms its practical structure, that statistics are not the end of the research process, but takes care to devise methods that through which these statistics and figures can be invested, they are transformed into a practical material for making strategic plans for building and investing politically and economically by following the research methodology, traditional scientific academic approach, modern approach based on statistics and analysis of the online search engines and sites.

Then, the importance to set up an accompanying information plan to manage the channels that will act as windows to draw the strategies, from its theoretical to its operational aspect as planning is built on the study of all trends in which the political, media and social decision is formed, and it is important that there is one side that adopts planning and consulting in all those areas, and draws the perceptions of the plan’s path and its echo.


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