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The plans and strategies in any area will have an impact on all other areas, for example, political decisions have their cultural and intellectual impact, and here the monitoring in the plan area and beyond is a requirement for credible and proficient statistics.

Figures and statistics

We hardly find a productive plan that is not based on accurate statistics, but the irony is that the numbers are not the only the solid base that produces successful strategies, but  in the shadows of these numbers, any statistics of non-material data should also be considered and taken into account, such as the combination of the rule and its exception, and calculating the probability of error and correctness in statistics, review of sociology and studies of mass psychology, and the behavior of peoples in the making of political and economic plans.

Predicting the future

Managing the expected alone is not enough to obtain successful strategies, thus anticipating events and looking ahead should be subject to measurable statistical studies.


Flexibility/Not familiar

The planners and decision makers miss an understanding of the extent to which the plan expands beyond its theoretical scope, which is the dilemma facing organizations upon the implementation of strategies and plans, thus examining the possibilities alone is an important and autonomous path, to which the efforts are dedicated that exceed the efforts of the plan in the first place.

Managing paradoxes

Improvisation is the enemy of successful plans, but realism should be taken into account, as huge strategies are always in need for a quick decision, and here happens the confusion of quick decisions and improvisation and this may confuse decision-makers, but the likelihood that a quick decision is right will increase when it is based on a firm and flexible plan at the same time, and its advance preparation makes it a solid base that embraces emergency issues with capacity and flexibility.




Visible and hidden Data

Data leave a preliminary impression of clarity, while a researcher and a competent event analyst have often experienced that building studies on virtual facts may lead to inaccurate and possibly misleading results, and that the data should be integrated by diving into the study and analysis of results until the picture is complete for the decision maker.


Data are shaped and changed for the same event if we study it in or out of context, and many spontaneous studies and statistics in the region are mistaken in measuring the event out of context. Therefore, taking into account the region’s issues and adhering to its regional and historical dimensions, and its social identity and dimension cannot be neglected in the study of modern phenomena and perceptions.

Follow-up and update

In earlier times, we could settle for plans of a certain period of time, such as the five-year plans, while our current era is characterized by the rapid transformation the repercussions that would appear to be surprising to the public, except for monitoring and forecasting of the specialized bodies and centers, make long-term plans susceptible to flabbiness and in constant confusion state, so the research process at the SMT Studies Center does not end with the development of the plan or its application, but the follow-up and monitoring processes are of the same importance.


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