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Opinion: Social media brings more positivity in the world than negativity

Date & time : Tuesday, 8 August 2023

Lindsay Bickham

Many believe that social media has been a net negative on the world, but while doing so, ignore all the positive changes that social media has brought to civil society.

Social media has had a very positive effect on the world, and it has impacted our entire way of life as a society positively too. There are many ways that social media has positively impacted us, and as life goes on, the benefits from these will only grow. For starters, it has changed the way we stay connected.

Social media has allowed us to connect with our friends and family who might stay far away. Social media has also allowed us to reconnect with old friends who we might’ve lost contact with in the past.

Along with that, social media allows us to form new connections with other consumers or even brands as well.

The social media platform TikTok is a great example of this. Many consumers have turned into influencers on this platform because they were able to connect with other influencers and brands as well through social media. “More than 80% of our respondents intended to dedicate a budget to influencer marketing in 2023,” according to a report from Influencer Marketing Hub.

Another way social media has changed the world is the way that we receive our news. “In just two years, the share of US adults who say they regularly get news from TikTok has roughly tripled from 3% in 2020 to 10% in 2022,” according to data from the Pew Research Center.

When something is happening anywhere in the world news outlets with their connected social media platforms have articles and social media posts informing the public. This has revolutionized how news can spread and has helped all forms of consumers stay informed.

“A sizable portion of Americans continues to turn to these sites for news. A little under half of U.S. adults say they get news from social media ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’,” according to Pew Research Center.

Social media has become a way for consumers to express themselves creatively as well.

With one search on any social media, you can find tips and resources to help with any interest you need information on. “Ninety-one percent of search engine users say they always or most of the time find the information they are seeking when they use search engines,” according to data from Pew Research Center.

Social media platforms can be used to help understand how the world views certain issues too. Multiple platforms are used to learn and get insight into various topics.

These topics range from cooking, dancing, reviews on products, hair, beauty, business and fashion tips. The list goes on, but the possibilities are truly endless. Many common social media apps are filled with influencers that have lots of helpful tips on all these topics and many more.

As social media keeps evolving, the positive possibilities will continue increasing. Social media already plays such a major role in our lives as of 2023. Imagine how positively it will impact our lives in the next 30 years.

Source: lsureveille


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