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Peace of mind in times of unrest

Date & time : Sunday, 13 September 2020

Karabo Kopeka


2020 has been a particularly turbulent year for South Africa, with countless protests taking place across the country in the wake of poor service delivery and pandemic-related woes. While over the past seven years the average number of daily protests recorded in the country has hovered around the 2.26 mark, there has been a notable increase over the past few months, with 59 protests recorded during the first 5 weeks of hard lockdown alone.

In light of these ongoing protests and the associated threats to private property, South Africa has become one of the few countries in the world to offer both individuals and businesses comprehensive and affordable insurance cover, designed to offer peace of mind in the event of protest action.

Sasria, a state-owned company, offers anyone with assets in South Africa this unique form of insurance, making provision for everything from civil unrest to strikes and riots. From damage to private property, to vehicle vandalisation, this unique form of cover is custom-made to protect all your assets should they be compromised in any way as a result of any act linked to the furthering of political ideals or public fear-mongering.

An affordable option for both individual and corporate entities, Sasria insurance is not provided directly to the public, but instead handled via direct insurers, who essentially manage the service on Sasria’s behalf, thus enabling the state-owned entity to provide cover at a lower cost.

So, what is and isn’t covered as part of Sasria’s offering?

Essentially, your listed valuables are insured in the event of any act, perpetuated with a view to bringing about public disorder, political unrest, terrorism or rioting. The cover is also extended to include any acts carried out by law enforcement in response to the aforementioned events.

That said, general looting or theft which cannot be linked to events of this nature, is not covered under the terms of Sasria insurance, in addition to any economic fallout linked to industrial action like go-slows.

How to claim

As per the normal claims process, your first port of call is your nearest police station, where you will need to get a case number before registering your claim with your insurer. This can then be lodged simply via either online self-service, a dedicated mobile app, email or telephonically, depending on your insurance provider. Your claim will then be validated via normal processes and will be handled by your insurer, with Sasria, on your behalf.

While it is comforting to know that your assets are covered even in the most turbulent of times, it is still best to avoid areas of unrest wherever possible. So, stay tuned to the news and keep an eye on local updates so as to ensure you do not find yourself caught in an unwelcome and scary situation.


Source; iol


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