Saudi Crown Prince: Pakistan Has the Potential to Become a Big Economy 

Prepared by; Information Unit In SMT Studies Center

Erdogan’s Turkey: The Authoritarian Alternative to Populism

Bruno Mascitelli   In recent years, populism has been on the rise in democratic systems around the globe. But in Turkey, President Erdogan has been working to hollow out the country’s democratic institutions in an authoritarian power grab that is...

New Delhi Needs To Work Toward Demilitarization Of The Indo-Pacific Region

 Manoj Kumar Mishra   Countries abutting the Indo-Pacific region ranging from the Southeast Asian littoral zone to the South Asian and the African littoral zone including small island nations such as Mauritius and Seychelles are considered strategically vital not only...

How the US-European Alliance Can Become Even Stronger in an Era of Disruption

Frederic Kempe   The United States has traditionally reassured doubtful allies of its security commitment through such measures as troop reinforcements and military exercises. However, disruptive times call for unconventional measures. This weekend, the U.S. will forward deploy more than...


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